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We have answers to FAQs here. It gives the answer to your question.
If you couldn't find it, please fill out the inquiry form and send it to us.

Q1.  How can I find a training hall near my place ?
A1. For Japanese residents, look at the local office directory and find the nearest local office from you. Contact them directly and ask for the information.
If you are outside of Japan, the foreign office will give you the information about a local office in your country.
Contact them directly and ask for the training hall nearby.
Q2.  Is there a dress code ?
A2. The SPOCHAN's policies will tell you the answer.
Safety : You use a air-sword.
Fairness : Men and women of all ages in the world are fair with each other.
Freedom : You dress freely.
Q3.  Can I join the game without submitting the entry beforehand ?
A3. The exercise games are open to anybody, anywhere, and any time !
Q4.  How can I learn the rules ?
A4. Rules
Please refer to the book, [ Let's play SPOCHAN! (English version) ] by Testundo Tanabe (the president).
Q5.  What kind of goods or tools can I use ? Can I use remodeled ones ?
A5. For the sake of the safety and fairness, only air-soft-swards can be used.
You cannot use any remodeled goods or tools. It's a worldwide rule.
SPOCHAN goods list
Q6.  Where can I find SPOCHAN's goods ?
A6. For Japanese residents, fill out the ordering form and fax it out to the head office.
If you are outside of Japan, you can purchase from Mitsuboshi, Inc. Please ask them directly about order, payment, or any other detais.
Mitsuboshi, Inc http://www.mitsuboshi-web.jp/
Q7.  I want to be a forign office. How can I do that ?
A7. Submit the application. If you go through with the requirements, we will qualifiy you as a forign office.

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Application Form
Q8.  I want to know about the patent.
A10. Please refer to The list of the intellectual property right below.